Anonymous asked:

You know, the more I re-read the comic, the more I pick up on things I didn't notice before, and the more awesome it becomes. You did a great job with this one, all the kudos in the world to you.

I planned and drew this first issue over about a month, so I’m glad that my jokes make sense when you look at them closely! I tried to tie everything in to moments from the show, but it’s hard to stay objective or know whether a certain line is or isn’t too obscure.

(Also it’s great and weird to know that at least one person is reading the comic multiple times? That’s awesome!)

madame-reve asked:

I've already spotted two "perfect" in your page, so I thought I would add one ! Thanks for the big smile on my face while looking at your drawings :)

A trio of perfects? Perfect! I can’t take all the credit for the smile, though. I am 99 percent certain that the kids at Dyad are just as happy to see you as you are to see them.

(The one percent remaining is Sarah and Paul, who are almost always grouchy, but you can’t win them all.)

dunhamandtyler and maggiechensfriend suggested toys for Sarah and Helena, so in the Christmas spirit, here’s the rest of the Clone Club favorites: Alison’s felt angel, Cosima’s plush flu bug microbe, and Beth’s Nerf gun.

And as for the rest of the kids at Dyad Preschool? Well, don’t tell anyone but Delphine is just a tiny bit spoiled and she’s got a puppy at home.

helenatheferalangel asked:

// Awww But I understand. It's sooo prescious though!! Can Helena have a stuffed sheep? I loved the fur on her sleeves! They're all so adorable. You did such a wonderful job! Maybe do themed ones? Like school parties Halloween Christmas etc?

A sheep she shall have!


I’ll definitely try to do holiday themed comics whenever I can, but I can’t promise they’ll be done in time for the actual holiday…